Lumia 925 Cyan Update

On 10/29 the Cyan update became available for T-Mobile users owning the Lumia 925, which included me.  I am impressed with the update and am happy with the changes.  I mentioned in the last post the 3 things I was most looking forward to, and I’m happy with all 3 changes:

  1. A notification center.   Consolidates your notifications into one place (texts, updates, news(?)).
    *Nice addition.

    1. Easy to access.  A simple swipe from top of screen to bottom and you’re there.
    2. From the center you can easily switch on or off certain features such as Wi-Fi, GPS, or screen brightness. 
    3. Have not seen news come through it, but it’s nice to have a place where you see your texts, calls, e-mails, and phone updates so you don’t miss anything.
  2. Windows Store updates will auto-update over Wifi.  It is a pain to manually update your apps and features all the time.
    *It is now awesome now to have to manually update my apps.  Battery life has not seemed to suffer significantly from this either.
  3. Another 2 columns for your live tiles so that you can fit more tiles onto your screen.  I think this will come in handy as there are several useful tiles.
    *This is my favorite change.  I am a bit OCD about organizing, and now I can fit just about everything I use regularly onto the front screen.  I was originally concerned about the small tiles being too small in that I might inadvertently touch the wrong tiles from time to time and it be frustrating, but this hasn’t been the case.  Below are 2 screenshots representing the difference (right screen has 14 apps, while the left screen is capable of showing 25):


scrnsht 4


Windows has made some great strides with this phone, I am very impressed.  I don’t have any major beefs.  If there were a few minor things remaining, it would be

  1. Still no turn by turn once Navigation/GPS is undergone.  You can see it before you start navigating, but not after.
  2. Cannot create a homepage on Internet Explorer.  If you open it up, it opens your latest webpage, which could be taxing on your data, something you’re not remotely interested in, and could take a while to load.  I’ve pinned a shortcut to Google and use that instead to launch IE, but the tile looks tacky and out of place.  Aesthetics matter when you pay $600 for a phone.

That’s really it.  Other than that I love it.


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