Nokia Lumia 925 (Windows 8 Phone) Revisited

So I’ve had the phone for about a month and a half now, and since I’m more familiar with it now, I thought I’d write my thoughts on what still stands out to me about it.

Coming from an Android phone, I have to say (unfortunately) that Windows is still behind Android.  If I could trade my phone in for the Galaxy S4 at this point, I would, but it’s too late for that now.  I would advise anyone with Android over Windows at this point.  I can’t speak on the IPhone b/c I’ve never owned one.  Windows simply doesn’t have as many customizable options, and the system is just lacking and not as intuitive as Android at this point.

This is what I mean:

  • The battery status doesn’t update.  I completely charge my phone, but the meter will read 70% or 80%.  I have to turn my phone off before it will read correctly again.  This is a big deal for me b/c I want to know my true battery life, and it being off by 20-30% is not a small difference.  Just a bad operating system.
  • I’m not sure if it’s something about the reception with this phone or what, but I’ve had more failed text with this phone in the last month and a half than I usually did with the Android I had.  I live 30 miles from Dallas and in a highly populated suburb, so reception should not be a problem, but sometimes I’ll send a text 5 to 10 times in a row and it still doesn’t send.  I’ve realized that I can either wait 10 minutes or so and re-send, or usually turning my phone off, then on again will get the next text sent, both of which are a major inconvenience.  Are you listening Windows? I paid 500 bucks for this phone, and it can’t text as well as my $150 phone from almost 3 years ago!
  • To expound the problem of the failed text–notification of a failed text is sent through an entirely new text message thread instead of within the current one, and it only provides the phone number of the failed message, not the contact.  You’re not able to just hold the message and “resend” as in Android.  Again, a major inconvenience.
  • For GPS Navigation (Here Plus), you’re not able to see the next turn or exit you’ll need to take.  Instead, it only shows the road you’re currently on, and you must rely on the voice to tell you when to turn.  There is no screen for you to look at that gives you a list of turns you’ll be taking at which roads.  Inferior to android.
  • Not able to disable haptic feedback.  I don’t need it, and it uses extra battery.  Android had a way to turn it off.
  • At first, I liked the little square Icons and how you could customize them.  I still like how you can customize the color, but after some time with the phone, the squares seem over-simplified to me now.  In android, the icons were more distinguishable from each other–these all seem to blend in together with the same color, shape, and size, so that finding an app can take a second longer than with Android. 

But, it’s not all bad.  Here are a few good things about the phone:

  • It has a solid, good look.  Aluminum casing, black front, white back.  Looks slick.
  • There’s a camera button on the side of the phone.  That’s a feature many phones don’t have.
  • That camera is very good, which was part of what sold me on the phone.  I’ve had some good shots with it.
  • The predictive text bar it uses when typing texts or anything else is very efficient, and easier for me to use than swype was.
  • There is an app called OneNote that’s a sort of notepad for writing down notes or checklists or anything, and it’s a nice little app.
  • Easy to save pictures, etc. on the Cloud so you can access them on a PC without having to send them via e-mail or connecting your phone with a wire.

All in all, in my opinion, don’t get a Windows phone.

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