2012 AL Postseason Scenario

With only 3 games left in the regular season, here are the scenarios for what must happen for each team to get to the postseason that can:

  • Central – Tigers, leading central by 3 gms, White Sox, E#1, White Sox must (a) sweep Cleveland in Cleveland and (b) Detroit must be swept by Kansas City in Kansas City, otherwise Tigers take the Central Division, will not take best record.
  • East – Yankees, Athletics tied for AL East and 1 gm behind Texas for best record in AL.  Both have at least clinched Wild Card spot. 
    • Yankees, 3 games at home vs. Boston, sweep is likely, but it is NY vs. Boston, anything could happen.  Pitching matchups:
      • Mon., Bucholz – Sabathia
      • Tues., Lester – Nova
      • Wed., Matsuzaka – Kuroda
    • Baltimore, 3 games @ Tampa Bay, series could go either way.
      • Mon., Chen – Cobb
      • Tues., TBA – Shields
      • Wed., TBA – Hellickson
  • West – Texas, 2 gm lead over Oakland in West, 1 gm advantage for best record, have clinched wild card spot.  3 games at Oakland.  Texas wins 1 of 3, they clinch division.  Oakland sweeps, they clinch division.  Series could go either way.  Pitching matchups:
    • Mon., Perez – Parker, Oak certainly has adv here, don’t know what to expect w/ rookie Perez
    • Tues., Harrison – Blackley
    • Wed., Dempster  – Griffin
  • AL Wild Card (2nd Spot) – Will play either New York or Baltimore
    • Oakland, favorite – 3 games up on Tampa Bay and LA Angels  (WC Elimination # is 1) If Oakland wins 1 game versus TX, they clinch Wild Card spot.
    • Los Angeles – must (a) sweep Seattle in Seattle and (b) Oakland must sweep Texas.  Tough matchup vs. Seattle b/c Seattle starters going are solid.  Pitching matchups:
      • Mon., Wilson – Hernandez (adv King Felix)
      • Tues., Haren – Hiwakuma
      • Wed., Weaver – Beavan
    • Tampa Bay – must (a) sweep Baltimore at home and (b) Oakland must sweep Texas.

    National League is much more simple.  San Francisco and Cincinnati have clinched.  Washington will likely clinch East and Braves take a Wild Card spot since Braves are 3 behind Washington with 3 games remaining.  The big race is St. Louis and L.A. Dodgers for the other Wild Card spot – the Cards have a 2 game lead.

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