Rangers 6, Yankees 1

Colby Lewis – 8 ip, 3 hits, 3 bb, 7 ks, 1 er.  Wow.  Colby lewis had 2 wins against the Yankees this series.  This game was huge though.  Feliz comes in and retires the side, ending the series with a strikeout to A-Rod, a breaking ball that buckled him at the knees.  Couldn’t ask for much better end than that.

Bottom of the 5th is when things started falling apart for the Yankees.  Mitch Moreland singles, followed by Andrus and Young grounding out.  So Moreland on 3rd w/ 2 outs.  Hamilton is intentionally walked.  They decide to pitch to Vlad instead.  Vlad rips a double into left center and scores 2.  Hughes is replaced by Robertson.  Robertson pitches to Nelson Cruz.  Result:  2 run home run.  So a 4 run inning for the rangers, putting them ahead 5 to 1.  After that, Rangers were on cruise control.  The crowd was chanting “col-by, col-by, col-by” in top of 8th.  He deserved it.

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