Rangers Win 1st Postseason Series

Before last night, the Texas Rangers were the only MLB franchise to not win a postseason series.  After beating Tampa Bay 5-1 in game 5 of the series, this is no longer the case.

Cliff Lee:  clutch again.  Complete game, 11 Ks, 0 BBs, and only 1 ER.  So Cliff Lee’s postseason numbers up to this point- 6-0, 1.44 ERA, and 3 CG in 6 games pitched.  That is insane.

It was repeated several times that the Rangers of the late 90s would not have scored the way their first 3 runs came across last night.  Elvis scores from second on a ground out to first.  Vlad scores from second on a double play ball that didn’t quite work out and Price was busy arguing with the umpire on the call rather than looking at the runner at 3rd.  Cruz steals 3rd, Shoppach airmails the throw, and Cruz proceeds to home.  Three manufactured runs.  Not scored on hits.  Creating something.  And then Kinsler hits a 2 run shot to seal the deal.

It did upset me that Cruz was showboating after hitting his long double which should have been a triple.  He’s had an excellent series, and alot of players know when they hit it out, but you gotta know when you pull something like that.

Other than Cruz, Kinsler and Andrus had excellent series against the Rays.  Young’s 3 run blast was huge in game 2, but other than that he was rather quiet.  Lee and Wilson pitched great, but neither Hunter or Lewis were able to go 6 innings in their starts.

Now it’s the NY vs. TEXAS matchup I wanted in the ALDS.  Playing in Texas.  Since Lee pitched last night, our rotation is thrown off a bit.  It will probably be Wilson vs. Sabathia in gm 1 on Fri , Lewis vs. Pettitte in gm 2 on Sat, and Lee vs. Hughes in gm 3 on Mon in NY.  Lee pitching in New York isn’t necessarily bad though.  Pettitte and Hughes both pitched very well against the Twins, so Rangers hitters need to be prepared for some tough pitching.

Cliff Lee did work….(again)

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One Response to Rangers Win 1st Postseason Series

  1. Chris Ross says:

    Love the article, great read! What an amazing series. At least one of the divisional matchups went 5 games right? Cliff Lee is just unbelievable out there. Big time players come up big in big games, and Cliff Lee is sure showing his value and what the Rangers hoped they would get when the traded for him earlier in the the season. Where would they be without him? It’s been so fun to watch him pitch, and hopefully they can stomp on the Yankees in the ALCS. Hey, also you think you could take a look at my blog cuz I really wanna hear what you have to say. http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2010/10/12/it-was-all-worth-it/

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