A Few Thoughts on Technology…

I’ve been obsessing over comparing TVs and computers the last couple days.  It never feels right to say I need a new TV or computer because a need is something like food or water, something that many of us Americans have at our disposal each and every day.  It is important to remember no matter how far technology advances, it will always be inferior to what is real.  Watching a NBA game on a tv wall or playing a realistic video game will never replace actually playing basketball.  Unfortunately, I think many people if forced to choose would pick watching a game on a wall rather than actually playing it.  These people either don’t know or have forgotten what they’re missing.

That being said, while doing my research these are some key points I tried to keep in mind:

  • There is a point of diminishing return in technology.  There’s always going to be a market for people who don’t want to do any research and will throw money at the most expensive item out there b/c they think it’s the best thing.  Don’t be one of those people.  Find out what’s worth the cost, what costs you need, and what costs simply aren’t worth it.
  • Read reviews.  My mom recently bought me a used car online (2002 Honda Accord), and I read some reviews about the transmission breaking down, and unfortunately that happened right after I got it.  The average person like you and me that doesn’t know a whole lot about the item may give the most valuable information on it–if the product really is reliable or not.
  • Don’t buy something brand new.  Let it circulate, see if any problems arise, and then if it looks sound get it.  (I don’t mean buy used items, I mean buy new stuff that has been around).
  • Keep up with current events.  That way when you do start looking around for making a big purchase, you know what to look for, and you aren’t going to buy something that’s about to be obsolete.

What I’ve personally found about TVs is go with LCD over plasma because plasma risks having images burned permanently on the screen.  The size I want is 46″, not too big but definitely big enough.  I wanted to get at least 120 HZ, 240 is a bonus.  The TV I found is the Samsung C630.  From what I’ve read, Samsung has a slight edge over Sony on quality for TVs, and this one is under a grand, $999.99.

For a computer, I wanted a laptop.  The first question is processor.  i5 and i7 are 2 of the newer intel ones, and I think the i5 would suit me fine.  The Sony VAIO CW series  ($950–also seems sold out) and the Samsung R580 ($830) seem like nice fits.  Again I went with the Samsung.  Some specs–i5 processor, 2.26 ghz, 4GB RAM, plays Blu-rays, 500 GB HD space, and does have HDMI output.  I’m on it right now and would highly recommend it.

I was surprised I purchased both of these through Best Buy.  I did some extensive research, and Best Buy really did have the deals I was looking for.  So with about 2 grand you can get 2 items that go a long ways in the technology world.  Right now anyways.  We’ll see how mainstream the 3D TVs get.  The fact that Wal-mart will be selling them later this year will give them a huge boost.  I’m not a huge fan of the 3D idea right now though.

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