Note about American Football

Just a side note, I do prefer baseball and soccer over football.  However, I’ve realized that football is American culture–it simply trumps baseball and soccer here.  Sometimes you have to really give things a chance even if they aren’t your preference.  It might be tempting to go with your gut and completely shut things out at times, but if everyone around you likes it, and it’s not something you disagree with on a moral basis, give it a whirl, and you might find it’s worth it.  For example, today.  It wasn’t just that it was a great game or that the team won that I wanted to.  It’s that I got to spend some quality time with my mom, pop,and one of my better friends.  When the World Cup comes on in a few months, more people (here in the U.S.) won’t know or simply won’t care.  The ability to relate and share with other people is an intangible–you can’t put a price on it.  Fortunately, however, we do live in a country where we have a choice.  Although football is big, soccer and baseball aren’t just thrown under the table.  I’m very thankful for that.

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