Craziness on Survivor


I didn’t think I was going to write any posts on Survivor, but the episode I watched tonight inspired me in a way.  Survivor is one of the few TV shows I watch.  I love the format of it.  First, I’ve always wanted to live in the wilderness off the wilderness for an extended period of time and this show puts people in exactly that situation.  Why would I want to go to that “primitive” stage? I feel that nature is something that’s “real.” Being surrounded by the elements brings us closer to who we really are.  Computers, video games, televisions–they can only bring so much satisfaction.  Being in nature gives you a different perspective, makes you feel grateful for the things you have and emphasizes the difference between what you need and what you want.  Survival trumps luxury.

The other aspect of the show I like is observing it from a psychological and sociological perspective.  Random people have to choose how to interact and strategize with one another when a million dollars is on the line.  People are forced to read each other, and as a spectator you get a look into how these people view life in general.  People are tested mentally and physically due to the nature of the game.  What also adds to the game is that the show at least makes it seem like anybody is eligible to be a player.  Everybody wants a million dollars so it appeals to everyone.  However,  sometimes they put people in the game that already have money that just want to win the game–former professional football player Eddie George’s wife Taj was a contestant in the last season of survivor.

I’m just going to give a few thoughts on the episode I watched tonight.  This would make no sense to anybody that hasn’t been following the show:

  • Monica and John think it might be wise to split up the votes among 2 of the Foa Foa members to protect against one of them having an immunity idol.  Dave discourages them and says it’s not something to worry about.
  • Russell finds his 2nd immunity idol without any clues.  Wow.  Wow.  After he finds it he talks to the camera for a minute, his hands are shaking he’s so excited.
  • Russell convenes with Shambo and they decide to vote Laura out.
  • Laura wins immunity.
  • Russell, Shambo, and the other 3 remaining Foa Foa tribe members (Chaison, Mick, and Natalie) decide to vote Kelly out.
  • At tribal, the entire Galu votes for Russell.  Big mistake.  Russell plays the idol and a huge wave of shock and fear is sent through each Galu member.  Erik is cheering from the jury bench.  Kelly is voted out.  Two straight Galu members have been voted out, it is now 6 Galu vs. 4 Foa Foa, but Shambo seems to be aligned with Foa Foa so it’s basically even again.
  • Watching Shambo’s face was priceless, selling that she had no idea that Russ had the idol.  Actually, watching all of their faces was priceless.  What a huge turning point in the game.
  • It’s interesting to see Russell and how he’s gained respect.  It’s hard to like the guy with all the comments and lies he’s told, especially in the first few episodes.  My first impression of him was that I couldn’t wait for him to get out and I thought he might be the first or second to go.  However, you have to tip your hat.  He has scrambled his little butt off.  Not only is he rock solid with his original tribe now (Chaison:  “I think I’m really starting to love this guy..”), but everybody in the game is forced to fear and respect him.
  • So now:  Russell vs. Laura–2 of the huge players basically going for each others throats.
  • Natalie did vote for Kelly.  She seems to have hooked up with Laura, but she voted with Foa Foa tonight.

I’m pretty stoked to see what comes next.  This episode gave me a shot of adrenaline.

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