Stage is Set for 09 World Series…



The Phillies have a chance to win back to back titles while the Yankees have a chance to win their 27th. The Yankees just beat the Angels in 6 games while the Phillies are coming off a 4 – 1 series against the Dodgers. Andy Pettitte broke Tom Glavine’s record tonight for most postseason wins all time with 16. So the 2 teams from the West are out and the 2 teams from the East are in. The starters slated for game 1 are Cliff Lee vs. C.C. Sabathia on Wednesday night. Pedro Martinez may pitch in game 2 in New York against the Yankees which would make for a good story. The players I’m looking forward to watching are Jeter, Sabathia, Mo (Mariano), Lee, Howard, and Pedro. A-Rod has been locked down, it will be interesting to see if he can continue to be so locked in. I’m not expecting this to be a blowout either way, I’m expecting a good series and a fight. Yankees have home field b/c of the AL all-star game win. Series format is 2 in New York, 3 in Philadelphia, 2 more in New York.

In my opinion, at least one of the World Series games should be a day game.  First, I think there’s a huge market for it on a Saturday or Sunday.  I know there would be some competition with college and pro football, but this is the World Series here.  Second, baseball originated under the natural sun light.  There’s something “pleasant” about a day game.  Finally, kids watching these games locally might not make it through the game if it’s long or going into extra innings because it might be 12 or 1 before a winner is decided.

Scheduled game days (central times):

Game 1   Wed 6:57 (10/28)
Game 2   Thurs 6:57 (10/29)
Game 3   Sat 6:57 (10/31)
Game 4   Sun 7:20 (11/1)
Game 5   Mon 6:57 (11/2)
Game 6   Wed 6:57 (11/4)
Game 7   Thurs 6:57 (11/5)
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