Andy Pettitte, Yankees Finish Twins Off…



The Yankees beat the Twins 4-1 tonight, sweeping them in 3 games and and moving on to the Angels.

I’m not a huge Yankees fan, but watching Andy Pettitte work tonight was very impressive.  The 37 year old doesn’t pitch his age.  Hitting his spots, making very few mistakes, being in the zone.  Tonight he pitched 6 1/3 innings with 1 earned run, 7 Ks, and only 3 hits.  After he gave up his one run in the bottom of the 6th, at the end of the inning he gave a little flinch of disappointment.  With his 15th win in the postseason, Pettitte tied John Smoltz for the most wins in postseason history.

Is Pettitte worthy of the Hall of Fame? Well it looks like he’ll break the record for most postseason wins which is a huge stat to me.  Pettitte is already a 4 time World Series champ, his career record is 229-135, and he has 2 seasons with more than 20 wins.  Almost having 100 more wins than losses with 364 total games pitched is also impressive.  Not that I think it’s a huge factor, but Pettitte also has the most pickoffs since they started recorded them in 1974.  It’s fun to watch a lefty with such a deceptive move, making runners look silly, picking them off when they’re 3 feet away from the bag and leaning towards it.  It’s hard to discount he plays for the Yankees though, considering they’re lineup is usually stacked and they have Mo to shut things down.  There are a few other things that might keep him back.  He’s never won the Cy Young and his career ERA is 3.9 right now, which is good, but higher than average for a Hall of Famer.  Finally he has admitted to using HGH multliple times in 2002 and 2004 to overcome injuries, which certainly puts a blotch on his resume.  It’s hard to say.  All things considered, I’d love to have him on the mound for me and he’s a work horse, but I don’t think he’s going to make the HOF.

Tough break for the Twins after such an inspirational playoff game against the Tigers.  The Metrodome did get 2 World Series Championships in.  We’ll see how playing outdoors in April and October works out at the Target Center.  Yesterday Coors Field was filled with snow, and tonight they’re playing in 30 degree weather.   It makes sense to me to shorten the season and play the postseason in September.  It seems like common sense.  However, money has priority.  In the meantime, I feel bad for the fans and players.

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