Why I Don’t Agree With Sports Betting…

What is the point of predictions? Why pick a team when you have absolutely no influence on whether they win or lose? Why not just sit back and enjoy baseball for what it is instead of worrying about what teams you “picked” to win.  Just because I get more games right than somebody else does that prove that my baseball knowledge is greater? Absolutely not.  If you pick nobody, you’ve got nothing to lose, no pride is lost.

However, even though you might choose wrong 9 out of 10 times, that one time you choose right does make you feel better.  If you watch a sport enough, you develop an idea of who you think is going to win and who you want to win, sometimes for reasons that are clear and sometimes for reasons that aren’t so black and white.  What’s wrong with picking a team you think will win but rooting for a team you want to win? When there’s no money on the line, nothing is wrong with it.  So in a sense, this article reasons against sports betting.  If you bet $1,000 on a team you think will win but the team you want to win does, how do you feel?

So to reiterate, if you make picks for your own enjoyment or even if you’re entering some kind of free pool to enter such as March Madness, I have nothing against that.  But putting your money on the line doesn’t make sense to me.  Again, why put some of your livelihood on the line for something you have no control over?  Why risk money while observing a sports game?  The game is complete on its own.

Nothing riding on the line here, just for fun, but here are my predictions.  I’ll be honest, there is not a particular team I want to see win it all this time around.  There are 2 teams I don’t really want to see win it all:  the Dodgers because of my lack of respect for Manny Ramirez, and the Yankees because of Why I Don’t Root for the Yanks…

Dodgers beat Cards, Phillies beat Rockies

Angels beat Red Sox, Yankees beat Twins.

Dodgers vs. Phillies, Phillies win.

Angels vs. Yankees, Angels win.

Angels vs. Phillies, Angels win the World Series!

We shall see…

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One Response to Why I Don’t Agree With Sports Betting…

  1. Adam Bernacchio says:

    Well, I for one, don’t bet on sports….anymore. Now when I make predictions, I do it for my own personal enjoyment. I do get enjoyment about right.

    I used to bet on sports a lot in high school and in college, but as you said, I found it took away from the enjoyment of the game. I found no joy in chasing money on Monday night betting on some meaningless (to me at least) game like the Browns and Jaguars.

    For some people I know they will always bet on games. However, for me it got old real quick

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