Twins Win in 12!

Cabrera dives into home as the winning run...

Cabrera dives into home as the winning run...

What a game!

A walk off single to right field by Alexi Casilla in the bottom of the 12th gave the Twins a 6-5 win over the Tigers tonight.  Carlos Gomez flew around the bases from second to home on a single, enthusiastically diving head first into home plate although there was no play at the plate.

The Twins set an attendance record in the Metrodome for most during a regular season game, 54,088.  If you watched the game, you would know the loudness came into full effect and was definitely a factor.  Just by looking at some of the players’ faces you could see the extra anxiety and nervousness in home and away players alike.  Players that stood out tonight–Brandon Inge’s diving catch, Miguel and Orlando Cabreras’ home runs, Joe Nathan and Fernando Rodney battling it out, and Ryan Raburn gunning down Casilla at home from left field.  It was awesome watching two veteran managers do exactly that–manage the game.  I respect both Gardenhire and Leyland.  I really wanted to see Gerald Laird pull through for the Tigers with the opportunities he had b/c I liked him with the Rangers, but it wasn’t meant to be.  The bottom line–everyone playing with passion, everybody’s heart was on the field.

With a three game lead in the standings and four games left in the season, it’s pretty incredible the Tigers ended up losing the division.  I really was rooting for the Tigers, and it was frustrating.  Particularly with a man on 3rd and no outs in the top of the 9th and not being able to get that run in.  I hope the Tigers are back though, I like their team.

I’m not counting the Twins out against the Yanks.  Their starting pitching isn’t outstanding, but after watching them and their fans tonight, I’d say they’ve got fight in them and quite a bit of momentum.  It would be huge if they could take the first game.  The other series I’m really interested in is the Angels/Red Sox.

Minnesota fans not only got to see a great game tonight, but also witnessed Favre with the Vikings against Green Bay at the dome, in which he had an excellent game and helped his team beat Green Bay 30-23.

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