Magic Number

The Angels’ magic number is currently 5.  What does this mean? If the Angels get this number down to 0, they win the division.  Any win by the Angels or loss by the Rangers takes one away from this number.  So out of the 12 remaining games in the season, if the Angels win 5 more games they win the division, if the Rangers lose 5 games the Angels win the division, or if the Angels only win 2 and the Rangers lose 3, the Angels win the division.  So if the Angels lose 7 out of their last 11 and the Rangers win all 12 of their last games, the Rangers would take the division.  Haha.

Edwin Jackson - fun to watch

Edwin Jackson - fun to watch

So with there only being about 10 to 12 games left for each team, what are the standings looking like? The only real “race” right now is between the Tigers and Twins, the Twins being 2 1/2 behind the Tigers in the AL Central.  They have 4 games left against each other so this could come down to the wire.  I really want to see the Tigers in it with Verlander and Jackson in their pitching staff.  Yankees have already clinched the East, Boston has pretty much locked up the Wild Card, along with the Angels in the West.  In the National League, the Cardinals and Phillies pretty much have everything locked up, and the Dodgers have a 5 game lead over the Rockies, who have a 5 game lead over the Giants and Braves in the NL wild card.  I’d love to see the Giants in it with Lincecum, but it would be hard for them to slip in.  The Giants and Rockies have no games remaining against each other.

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