Not Looking Too Good…

First, a change in the way of who hosts one game playoffs.  Coin flips were the previous way, now it is a tiebreaker of who won the most games against the other team in the regular season.  If somehow the series is tied, the next breaker is winning percentage in your own division, followed by winning percentage in interleague play in the second half of the season.  This makes sense to me.  If you do good in the regular season, you earn home field in a playoff.

Alright.  I hope this is a post that I look back at later and think, “Wow, somehow we did pull it off.”  Postseason outlook for the Rangers:  6 1/2 behind in the division, 6 behind in the wild card, 17 games left, 7 against the angels.  Marlon Byrd says it would be a “miracle”, and I find it hard to disagree.  The 02 Athletics and 07 Rockies are role models for the Rangers at this point, the Athletics ending their season with a 20 game winning streak to win their division and the Rockies winning their last 21 of 22 games to earn themselves a wild card spot and eventually make it to THE Series.

We need to score runs. One run in the last 4 games.  Wow.  We just got swept by Oakland, the last place team in our division.

Record against the Angels this year is 9-3, definitely a good thing.  Backs against the wall, odds against us.  I’m not counting the Rangers out yet, but there is NO margin for error.  It’s a young team, and momentum is going to have to surge.  Not only that, but we need the Angels to do poorly.  Young and Hamilton are still uncertain.  On a more positive and less pressurized note, with only 2 more wins the Rangers lock up a winning season! (Not to mention the fact that we get the core of our team back next year.)

Minnesota is only 4 back of Detroit–that’s another one to watch.

Although this is a baseball blog and I’m not nearly as much of a football fan (I prefer futbol over football), I wanted to mention on here that I am going to the opening game at Texas Stadium on Sunday Night, Cowboys vs. Giants, and I’m pretty stoked about it just due to all the hype.  Eight of us got standing room only “party pass” tickets, 29 bucks each.  There might be an attendance record broken with over 100,000 people at the game.  I might do a blog entry on this since it’s such a massive event.  I’m kinda wondering what kind of view we’ll get with our “party passes”, but it should be a good atmosphere regardless.  I just hope it’s not too much of a zoo.

New Cowboys Stadium

New Cowboys Stadium

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