Let’s go Mill!

If the Rangers end up not making the postseason and we are 20 games or more above .500, I’m going to be pretty disappointed.  I don’t necessarily like pointing this out, but the 2 teams that would beat us out of a spot, the Angels and Boston, each have over $40,000,000 more in their team payroll than we do.  That’s not to say I won’t have an interest in the postseason if the Rangers don’t make it (probably go for Detroit), I’m just saying I think the Rangers have earned a spot and showed alot of heart.  But we should have the majority of our players next year so hopefully this won’t be a one hit wonder in the middle of a dry spell.

Speaking of disappointing, Kevin Millwood has been disappointing of late.  Four of his last five outings he has given up 5 runs, and hasn’t gone more than 6 innings since the 1st of July, 12 starts ago.  For him being our ace, this is the time we need him the most.  He started the season strong, and I know he wants to do better, but we’re running out of time and I really hope his next outing will be a quality start.  I feel confident with our bullpen with Francisco, Wilson, Feliz, Grilli, and O’Day back there.  It’s time for the starters to step up though.

The Angels lost today, it hurts not making up ground at this point.  Double header tomorrow, another 2-0 day would be sweetness.

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