September for Texas

23 games left woo-hoo! As of now, the Rangers are 2 back of the Sox in the Wild Card and 5 behind the Angels in the division.  The Angels and Red Sox have 3 games against each other next week which will be good for the Rangers either way.  The Angels also have 4 games remaining vs. the Yankees.  The Red Sox have 3 games against the Yankees and cap the season with 3 vs. the Blue Jays.  The most difficult team the Rangers have to face is 3 games against the Rays.  So I think the cards play in favor of the Rangers, but they still have take care of business, especially against the Angels, and we are down right now.  Being a true fan, I wish I could just fast forward through this last 3 1/2 weeks and see who makes it.  We shall see though.  Hamilton is supposed to be back Friday, Young back early next week sometime.


Scott Feldman, 16-4

Feldman now has 16 wins, tied for most in the AL.  12-1 on the road.  If he would have started the season as a starter, he would definitely be in more talks for the CY Young, but you can’t write him off yet since he should get 5 more starts and the Rangers are still in the playoff picture.

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