Pirates’ Woes Continue…

The Pirates have now clinched 17 straight losing seasons, breaking the record for consecutive losing seasons for all 4 major sports.  Wow, so before you think about complaining about your team sucking, give a little prayer out for the Pirates first.  I do like the Pirates, would love to see them make the postseason at some point, and I wish they’d be able to hold on to more of their talent.  They have a gorgeous park with PNC also.  That one is at the top of my list behind the traditional ones.  Hang in there pirates fans.  Here’s your glorious stadium:

PNC Park

PNC Park

Take note of Mark Reynolds, in his 3rd season with the Diamondbacks.  Not only does he play awesome defense, but he also has 41 HRs, 92 RBIs, 87 runs, 22 SB, and a .272 AVG through the season so far.  A solid player for sure.

Chris Carpenter of the Cardinals tossed one of the better games this season, a one-hit shutout with 10 Ks against the Brewers.  He has won 11 consecutive games, bringing his record to 16-3 with a 2.16 ERA.  Those look like Cy Young numbers to me.

The Rangers have a double header tomorrow against Clevelend.  Big stuff especially since the Sox and Angels both lost today…

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