Salary cap or no?

The 1994 MLB strike caused the entire postseason to be cancelled.  With finances worsening in baseball, the owners wanted a salary cap, and the players wouldn’t have it.  The 1995 season was shortened to 144 games because the strike didn’t end until April 2nd of that year.  2011 – next collective bargaining agreement – should be interesting. There’s alot of different ways to look at the salary cap issue because it’s complicated.  Revenue sharing and luxury taxes certainly spread the love.  The Yankees haven’t won the world series since 2000, and there are a variety of teams that make it in the playoffs.  But teams at least need the ability to sign stars, they need to be able to compete. You just look at the Yankees roster right now. I know, it makes for a great story when they keep falling, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a little more moderation towards total payrolls.  Just because every team has to be under a cap doesn’t mean that underdogs go out the window. I’m a rangers fan, and seeing all this awesome young talent makes me giddy, but I also have to keep in mind that when these guys become free-agents, teams like the Yanks or Red Sox can come right in and sweep our home-grown talent right from us.  I think baseball would grow with a salary cap.  What do you think?

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