Homestead Grays

1939 Grays

1939 Grays

When I was in high school and playing summer league ball our coach chose to use Grays uniforms.  I didn’t think much of it until I brought the jersey home and my dad saw it and told me how symbolic the jersey was.

The Homestead Grays (1929-1950) are one of the best known teams in black baseball (another one is the Kansas City Monarchs).  They played their home games in Pittsburgh and Washington D.C.  Some believe the ’31 Grays to be the best team ever.  Josh Gibson has been referred to as the “black Babe Ruth.” The Grays won 9 straight pennants from 1937 to 1945 and 3 Negro League World Series.  The following players from the Grays are now in the hall of fame:

  • Cool Papa Bell, OF


    Josh Gibson, Catcher for Grays

  • Ray Brown, P
  • Oscar Charleston, OF
  • Martín Dihigo, P
  • Bill Foster, P
  • Josh Gibson, C
  • Judy Johnson, 3B
  • Buck Leonard, 1B
  • Cum Posey, Founder-Owner
  • Willie Wells, SS, 1932
  • Smokey Joe Williams, P
  • Jud Wilson, 3B
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2 Responses to Homestead Grays

  1. AMP says:

    I like that… did you father share more details about the Grays’ legacy? Or how about the legacy of Negro League Baseball.

    • Na, actually most of what I’ve learned about the Negro League has been on the internet. If you have any good sources, feel free to share…my dad isn’t much of a baseball history buff…thanks for the comment, that’s my first one!

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