A page between Chapters…

My 10th post, woo-hoo! I’ve also had a whopping 19 hits so far! Anyways, this post is sort of the page between chapters if you will.

Nearly all my posts so far have been about news (old or new).  There’s a difference between what’s “news” and “what is”.  “What is” is more important to me.  What is in baseball? It’s what’s on the field.  The comradery, 9 players playing with each other and communicating.  All the work and sweat each player has put into becoming better is manifested.  The 100 MPH fastball, the 12 inch curve, the sweet home run cut.  These things don’t just happen–they represent so much more–years of training and hard work.

From now on I’m planning on focusing my posts on more current items.  The last 9 posts I’ve done an extensive amount of research to reinforce what I know about baseball and also learn about things I didn’t know.  I wanted to catch myself up to date, make sure I hit the highlights, learn more about the things that were vague to me and find out what are considered to be the signifant items in baseball’s past.  Many times when I thought I was getting into something simple and a quick read, I ended up spending hours fascinated by intriguing stories, finding myself up at 5 or 6 in the morning staring at the computer screen.  But, that little stint is over now.  I’ll be able to focus more on the present and future now, and things take more time to develop in this sense.  I just kinda crammed 100 years of baseball history into my other posts.  Now it’s time to sit back, watch Baseball Tonight, pick out what I like to see, throw out my opinions, and give some statistical evidence here and there to back up my thoughts.

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