Thoughts on Steroids

I’m trying to sift through all this stuff about baseball.  The “steroids era”, how long has cheating been around and in what forms, who’s been clean and who’s been dirty, and it’s really, really frustrating as a fan.  The first thing to keep in mind:  we don’t know all the answers, and it’s hard to come up with absolutes.  Question the sources, and don’t make assumptions that aren’t reasonable.  Also, everyone screws up, we are human, but the extant to which we screw up and how often we screw up differs.  At a highly competitive level, cheating is a great temptation.  I look at somebody like Mike Sweeney.  His appearance on Life on the Rock has influenced me greatly, and although I know he makes mistakes like everyone else, I saw a lot of moral fiber in him and I don’t believe he would cheat to that extent.  I’ve also always looked up to Ken Griffey Jr. as a player.  I can’t assume that anybody is on steroids if they’ve never been connected to them.  But, if something pops up, it’s almost impossible to turn a blind eye.  There’s a reason why they are connected, and there should be a good explanation.  I respect how A-Rod came out an admitted it.  I wish more would do this.  It really angers me how so many players could not care about keeping themselves in the guidelines of MLB, and also how MLB hasn’t done a great job of putting their foot down.

What do I have against steroids?

It’s a shortcut.  There are people out there busting their tails to get in shape for the entire season, and working hard to stay within MLBs guidelines, and these guys stick a needle in their arm and get the same effect.  It makes it an uneven playing field.  In the short run, yes, these guys get their homers, their fame, but in the long run they get an asterisk, they get a negative connotation with their name.

For a complete list of players associated with steroid use, go here:

I have to say, it was kind of nice to see a high profile player like Manny Ramirez be suspended for 50 games.  I hope that sends a powerful message.


Griffey has been one of the good guys for baseball. What a gorgeous swing!

Although Griffey (The Kid) has acquired only one MVP and no world series titles, he has racked up 10 gold gloves, 13 all-star appearances, 3 home run derby titles, and currently has 625 HRs, 5th all time.

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