Random Baseball Facts, Stats, and Notes

This is just a combination of things in baseball I find significant.  It took me a bit of time to collect all this stuff, hopefully somebody else will find this useful:

  • Barry Bonds has the most Career HRs all time with 762 and has the record for most HR in a season with 73 (2001).  Despite breaking both of these huge records, nobody signed Bonds while he was a free agent in 2008.  He won the NL MVP 7 times,  the gold glove 8 times, and was a 14 time all star.
  • Mark Mcgwire is ranked 2nd in the record for single season HRs with 70 (583 career) and Sammy Sosa 3rd with 66 (609 career).  They both accomplished this in the 1998 season.  This is when the steroid hype really began to surface.  Before 1998, Roger Maris had held the record since 1961 with 61 HRs.  The record before Maris’ 61 was Babe Ruth’s 60 in 1927.
  • All time HRs:  2nd – Hank Aaron (755), 3rd – Babe Ruth (714), 4th – Willie Mays (660), and 5th – Ken Griffey Jr. (625 – still active player)
  • George Herman Ruth, Jr. , aka “The Babe”, was a lefty, won 7 world series titles in his career, won 3 with the Boston Red Sox, was sold to the Yankees in 1919, and then won 4 titles with them.  He was a part of bringing the live ball era around, and the number 3 was retired in New York in 1948.
  • Nolan Ryan played from 1966 to 1993 (age 19 to 46) with the Mets, Angels, Astros, and of course, the Rangers.  He got one world series title in ’69 with the Mets, he was an 8 time all star, but most notably, he set the MLB record for most career strikeouts with 5,714 and most no-hitters with 7, and is a part of the 300 win club (314).  He holds the record for most Ks in a season in the live-ball era with 383 (Old Hoss Radbourn had 441 in 1884).  The number 34 is retired by the Rangers and Astros.
  • Most career wins for a pitcher is Cy Young (played from 1890-1911) with 511.  Live ball era, Warren Spahn (1942-1965), with 363, followed my Greg Maddux (1986-2008) with 355.  Most wins in a season was by Hoss Radbourn (59-12) in 1884.  Liveball era was Denny McLain (31-6) in 1946, 27 has been thrown twice, once by Steve Carlton in ’72, and once by Bob Welch in 1990.  Since ’90, 24 has been thrown twice, once by John Smoltz in ’96, and once by Randy Johnson in 2002.
  • Ted Williams (Red Sox player from 1939-1960) had a  .406 BA in 1941.  Tony Gwynn had a .394 BA with 419 AB in 1994 but did not get to complete the season due to the player strike.
  • Rickey Henderson (1979-2003) is all time leader in SB with 1406.  He is second all time in SB in a season with 130 in 1992.  1st in a single season is Hugh Nicol with 138 in 1887.  Lou Brock (1961-1979 Cubs, Cardinals) is 2nd all time with 938 and 4th in single season record with 118 in 1974.
  • Most consecutive games played:  Cal Ripken Jr., 2,632 games played from 1982-1998.  Second most is Lou Gherig (“The Iron Horse”), with 2,130 consecutive games, from 1925 to 1939.
  • There are 27 players currently in the 3,000 hit club.  Top 5:  1st – Pete Rose (4256), 2nd – Ty Cobb (4191), 3rd – Hank Aaron (3771), 4th – Stan Musial (3630), 5th – Tris Speaker (3514)
  • The longest game ever played time wise was 8 hours and 6 minutes, which took 25 innings.  It was may 8-9, 1984 between the White Sox and Brewers.  Because an inning can’t start after 12:59 A.M. according to the MLB, they played 17 innings that night and 8 innings the next day to finally decide the winner.  Chicago won 7-6.
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